Why are there so many markers?

Each marker has a specific property and use.



Works best for close and middle range. It allows you to track the perspective deformation with only one marker.



Works best for middle and long range. It's perfect to aim at a specific point. It's also helpful for perspective positioning, but only with several trackers.



Works with all ranges. It's a good start for people who like customizing markers and background interactions.



Works best in close and middle range. It's helpful to track intense camera movement and rotation.

How do you erase markers after the tracking?

We think the best method is to use colored markers. For example if you use GREEN background you can setup your corner markers in RED. When tracking is solved, you can use another chroma keyer on the RED color.

Sometimes in close range, we don't recommend to use multiple color, particularly when you have in your field a hand or a finger. We have implemented opacity option on markers. For example if you use GREEN background and semi transparent BLACK markers, you just have to setup your Chromakey GREEN trigger.

How do i track motion with the "swipe" module?

For this step, we think that you should track in 2D for capturing the mouvement and motion blur. Each slider must be separately tracked. After that you can animate the slider apparition or make your own global animation in combining all the trackers positions.

Slide marker 1


Usefull for tracking slow movement slides

Slide marker 2


Better to have a view of the animation, not for tracking

What is the background calibration module?

When the lens settings are known, you have the option to make an adjustment shot. Most tracking softwares are able to use this type of image to detect and fix/balance lens aberrations and deformations.

Why is it too bright on my camera viewfinder?

Up to the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, the default screen is usually brighter than you need. 80% brightness is enough in most cases.
With a fast lens and low aperture, you will need even less brightness.